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Who are we?

We are Henk and Adinda, father and daughter. Our last name is Groenhuis, ie Green house.

Besides father Henk is also a brother, friend, father in law, and step-grandpa, among others, but most of all an artist; sculptor, ceramicist and painter.

Adinda is as well as Henk’s daughter Huib’s other half, Siwa’s stepmother, a friend, speech and language therapist, and art mediator.

Both are alchemists.

Together Henk and Adinda are

Din’s Art

Adinda received her father’s permission to transform a number of his artworks into equally stunning derivatives. These are for sale.

After November 4th 2015 when mother Yvonne passed on into eternity Adinda became more aware of the (inevitable) truth that life is about how one relates, about relationships. It is important for her to be service oriented, accommodating to others. Autonomously, with love and connectivity.

To strengthen the bond with father Henk after the passing of mother Yvonne, Adinda conducted an interview with Henk. This form of communication has allowed for an alternative point of entry to his soul. After many hours of interviewing, the microphone already switched off, Henk abruptly asked her the following question: Could we talk about fear of failure next time? And if Adinda herself suffers from this fear, or has in the past? Wow, this question hit (Adinda) hard! The answer is yes.

The demons fear of failure (atychiphobia) and arrogance are powerful (negative) energies that have given Adinda frequent and substantial paralysis, blockage, and hesitation to meet challenges. She has decided to observe and analyse these darker sides of herself and to feed them nectar - Lama Tsultrim Allione. These two apparent enemies have become allies. Adinda now treads the way of the middle, the golden mean - Aristotles.

The time has come to shine the light. The sunny side of the street! With pride and gratitude Din’s Art presents to you the spirited “Green house” creations. It is an honour to share these with you; inspired and inspiring art. Art that breathes, art with a conscious. What Henk and Adinda are concerned: the truest form of art!

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