Groenhuis and Weeghreyse win the cultural prize of Zundert

By adindagroenhuis | 9 April 2019

RIJSBERGEN – Two cultural prizes from the municipality of Zundert were presented in Museum de Weeghreyse in Rijsbergen on Friday evening. One of the winners is artist Henk Groenhuis. The other was the host, the museum, itself. Joost Klaverdijk 08-02-19, 23:04 Henk Groenhuis (79) is one of the more famous Zundertenaren. Those who do not…

Infobreda’s photo on SnapWidget

By adindagroenhuis | 20 February 2018

A picture and a little story of my father’s (Henk Groenhuis) sculpture “little goat” (1975) was posted by the council of Breda…Feeling proud of him… This post is also available in: Dutch

News article De Stem (The Voice), The Magic of the creation out of clay

By adindagroenhuis | 20 February 2018

by Edine Wijnands Saturday 25th of April 2009 | Lastly updated on Sunday 26th of Arpil 2009| 08:12 Henk Groenhuis (on the right) working in his atelier with bronze watering man Jacques Valle. ZUNDERT- His hands itched at the sight of Michelangelo’s David. If only he could have laid down those last few centimeters.…

Totem (poem by Paul Snoek)

By adindagroenhuis | 20 February 2018

I wished to be an emperor In this life of dwarves But I could not forget the softness Of the peach And I remained a very young child I have also seen daily The white necks of fear Dreaded the hardened hands of light I could not forget The deep silence of the fishes And…

Description of the artist Henk Groenhuis – Ron Dirven 2009

By adindagroenhuis | 20 February 2018

by adindagroenhuis | 20 February 2018 The last of the Mohicans (written by Ron Dirven, 25 April 2009) The 70 year old Henk Groenhuis belongs to an endangered race of sculptors and ceramicists who genuinely still understand the traditional discipline. In this sense one may consider him one of the last of the Mohicans. His…

Book: Willpower in wake of Pain – Theo de Mooij

By adindagroenhuis | 23 January 2018

In this book are no tales of heroism, no portrayal of tragic experiences and no descriptions of personal sorrow. This tells a different story. The story of what man can establish in spite of tragic experiences and personal sorrow. All the weary have since found their refuge at the BNMO – the Union of Dutch…

This post is also available in: Dutch